Stackin' Kickz Clothing is designed to embrace the sneaker culture that is steadly on the rise, but something that has always been around.  There's are two kinds of people in this world.  Those who have a few shoes, and those who collect them.  Stackin' KIckz Clothing was created and inspired by David Jefferson.  Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Portland, Oregon, David has been Stackin' Kickz ever since he was a kid. At one point, it was the only purpose for getting and having money, just so he could buy every shoe that he saw and wanted.  Stackin' Kickz Clothing pays tribute to the world wide sneakerhead community, not just here in Oregon, but all over the world.  Stackin' Kickz makes a strong connection between passion, dedication, and just pure love for sneakers. It's for every shoe lover out there that has aquired a large and almost abnormal amount of footwear. Who do you know that has shoes in their closet they haven't worn yet? Who do you know that has a room in their house just for their Kickz?  Who do know who goes out and buys new shoes, when their wearing new shoes? Someone that can't help themselves from their addiction of Stackin Kickz.