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I’ve been in love with sneakers ever since I was in first grade. I can’t explain exactly why but the feeling that i got when i rocked a fresh pair was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. It was like walking on a stage with all eyez on me. I felt connected, inspired, and more confident than ever.  When I was a kid I  clearly remember doing some janitorial work for my parents for almost 4 weeks just so I could save enough to buy the Jordan 1’s. Having Fresh Kickz became so mandatory in my life that i would work as much as I  possibly could  to buy more pairs. As i got older, i started acquiring a large amount of sneakers now that I could actually work and make our ” money.

One day I was just relaxing and the idea “Stackin Kickz” just landed in my head and the thing is that it made perfect sense as it encompassed everything that I had always cared about and had a strong interest in. Stackin Kickz is a spinoff of the concept of “Stackin Chips” like you would do if you were gambling in a casino. The logic behind Stackin Kickz is that its a beautiful alternative to the idea of ‘Collecting Shoes”. In general it means they both mean the  same thing but in specifics you have to acknowledge the fact that most collectors with a large quantity of shoes don’t just place em them on the floor they actually stack them up in either a room, a closet, or on the wall in order to preserve space.

The brand was designed to embrace the global sneaker culture and everyone else who loves it! The goal for Stackin Kickz was to give the culture something to represent that clearly displays the passion behind the movement through creative designs that ensure we’re being heard without having to speak .If it’s one thing we must understand tit’s that Stackin Kickz was never a choice. Happy Stackin!!

I've been in love with sneakers ever since I was in first grade
I’ve been in love with sneakers ever since I was in first grade

David Jefferson Owner